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Among the various systems of cheese brining, the Tray Cheese Brining System is worth particular attention. The system features brining of cheese blocks in trays (containers of special construction).

How does the Tray Cheese Brining System work?

This solution is based on continuous flow of brining solution surrounding blocks of cheese placed in the trays. The trays are piled into static stacks.

Flow of the brining solution

Stacking of the trays provides a space between bottoms of consecutive trays, where the cheese blocks are located during the brining process.

The upper tray of a stack is by means of gravitation flooded with the brining solution from a flow collector valve.

Next, by means of an appropriate system of slits in the side walls and orifices on the bottom part of the tray, the brine flows into below tray of the stack.

Repeatedly the brine flow enters each consecutive tray, starting from the empty top tray, throughout cheese containing trays and onto the flat bottom drainage tray.

From the drain outlet of the flat bottom tray, the brine flows into the brine collector from which it passes through a buffer tank and brine treatment system to brine feed collector pump. The brine feed collector provides the brine flow to series of cheese brining tray stacks placed underneath. The top tray of the stack is not loaded with cheese blocks to ensure even distribution of brine to each tray of the stack. The trays are made of ABS (plastic of high mechanical resistance) approved for contact with foodstuffs.

Each of the cheese brining tray stacks is usually placed on a special spacer frame, enabling use of fork lift for stack transport, or the stack is placed and operated in other manner depending on the local conditions and requirements.

Flexible brining room arrangement

The described system provides extraordinary flexibility of the brining room configuration arrangement – tray stacks, as modules of the brining room, are only connected by two pipe collectors (brine inlet and outlet). This allows easy arrangement of the cheese brining tray stacks and maximal use of the room space, also on different levels and in separate rooms.

Final stage of cheese brining

After the brine feed is stopped and after all the brine is drained through the system of slits and orifices, from the stack of trays (10-15 min), the stack is ready to be disassembled. Blocks of cheese are taken out of the trays and transferred for further processing, whilst the trays are cleaned before they are ready to be refilled for the next cheese brining cycle.

Construction of the system

The Tray Cheese brining System stack consists of three types of trays:

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